Are Bamboo Sheets Better Than Cotton Sheets? Pros & Cons of Both

Are Bamboo Sheets Better Than Cotton Sheets? Pros & Cons of Both

If you’re in the market for your next set of bed linens, our team compared bamboo vs cotton sheets to give you a transparent look at each choice to help you make an educated decision!
April 06, 2021 — Taylor Shuck
Sustainable Bamboo Bedding: 6 Benefits of Ethical Bed Sheets

Sustainable Bamboo Bedding: 6 Benefits of Ethical Bed Sheets

The news is out! We’ve officially launched our line of sustainable bamboo bedding. When you consider that the average person spends 26 years of their life in bed, our sleep becomes even more important. Our team explores all the pros and cons of bamboo sheets to show you why these should be the last sheets you’ll ever want to sleep on. 

February 11, 2021 — Taylor Shuck
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Bralettes, Bralettes Bralettes!

In case you haven't already heard, our bralettes hit the website and our storefront on Friday, and we were sold out online by Sunday! However, we are anticipating a re-stock of them later this month, and if you haven't already snagged one, you won't want to miss them! Just like our other products, for every bralette purchased, we will donate a pair of our underwear to a woman in need!
We released two bralette styles, The Hendricks- a classic comfortable bamboo bralette, and The Molly- a luxe lace bralette.
Here, is The Hendricks:
& here, is The Molly:
And a HUGE thank you to all of our supporters who helped us sell out of our first ever bralette launch in three days! Keep an eye out on our social media accounts and website for the restock!
September 12, 2016 — Anna Tedder

Panama Drop-Off Donation!

Executive Director of our non-profit arm MADI Donations - Lindsey - was on a MADI underwear drop-off in Panama in early April!  Here's an update on our mission and partnership in Panama:
Lindsey saw a great need throughout Panama and the comarca home to the Ngobe Bugle Tribe - for women's underwear. It's a luxury item most western women take for granted. 
MADI Donations partnered with companies 4Love (a clothing company that focuses on women empowering women) and Sowing Seeds of Love (a non-profit Lindsay started in Panama that empowers indigenous women, children and orphans through education, team sports and teaching different trade skills.)  Lindsey has established great credibility within these communities as she has been living and empowering these individuals for 4+ years. She knew exactly where to travel to bring these amazing undies to women!  
The donation drop-off consisted of a 2+ hour drive into the comarca followed by a two hour hike up the mountains to distribute undies. They were blessed with passing out 120 pairs in the comarca. With each pair of underwear, the drop-off team also added a note letting the women know they are beautiful and loved. At first, the women were a bit timid and smirked about the undies but when Lindsey talked to them, made jokes and let the women choose the style of undies they liked the best, the whole donation drop-off team watched these women light up!  Love and joy filled the air.
MADI undies were also distributed to teenage girls and workers at both orphanages (that our partnered organization Sowing Seeds of Love supports) as well as to all the women of 4Love, their daughters, sisters, sister in laws, aunts, etc..! 
This was Lindsey's first donation drop-off since she became part of our team as Executive Director in February!  In her words "I can't wait to see what the future has in store for MADI Donations and the trips we will embark on to provide women with the joy of undies!"  
Two extra fun facts: 
The women couldn't believe the underwear was made out of Bamboo, they were fascinated by that. 
They loved the black briefs (The Bonnie style) and black lace pairs (The Kaydee style).

Oufit of the Week: Casual Sunday

Hello ladies! We are going to start posting an outfit of the week as a fun way to spark your fashion interests on hundreds of "out on the town" and "couch lounging" pieces you can pair with your MADIs!  It's simple!  We'll be your stylist, all you need to start with is one pair of MADI undies as your base :)!

This week, we're starting out casual.  We'll call this the "Casual Sunday" look - because it's certainly not a crime to still look cute while simply hanging out!

The Mimi-Modest Bikini style is perfect to pair with a pair of ripped up boyfriend jeans, a white tank, comfy shoes and simple jewelry. This is only one of several outfits you can pair these perfect undies with!

If you haven't already snagged a pair of these super comfy, classic and staple undies, click here and pick yourself up a pair!

Where to find this #MADIstyle:
-Boyfriend Jeans: MANGO
-White Tank: NEIGHBOUR
-Studs: pinkMASCARA
-Bangles: JCPenney
-Tote: Michael Kors
September 17, 2015 — Anna Tedder