Hello ladies! We are going to start posting an outfit of the week as a fun way to spark your fashion interests on hundreds of "out on the town" and "couch lounging" pieces you can pair with your MADIs!  It's simple!  We'll be your stylist, all you need to start with is one pair of MADI undies as your base :)!

This week, we're starting out casual.  We'll call this the "Casual Sunday" look - because it's certainly not a crime to still look cute while simply hanging out!

The Mimi-Modest Bikini style is perfect to pair with a pair of ripped up boyfriend jeans, a white tank, comfy shoes and simple jewelry. This is only one of several outfits you can pair these perfect undies with!

If you haven't already snagged a pair of these super comfy, classic and staple undies, click here and pick yourself up a pair!

Where to find this #MADIstyle:
-Boyfriend Jeans: MANGO
-White Tank: NEIGHBOUR
-Studs: pinkMASCARA
-Bangles: JCPenney
-Tote: Michael Kors
September 17, 2015 — Anna Tedder

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