What do you do for a guy on Valentine's Day?

We have a few ideas for how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine's Day in a non-cheesy way! Guys have love languages, too, and sometimes it takes a little exploring to hit the nail on the head with a unique vday gift that he'll enjoy. Below are romantic ideas to surprise your partner on Valentine's Day.

1. Buy tickets to a local play or concert for that night (or one that week)

Gifting an experience for Vday is super fun because you'll get to enjoy the gift with him and spend time together! In Kansas City where we're based, we'd look for concert tickets at the Sprint Center, The Truman, Record Bar, The Uptown Theatre or the Midland. You could also think ahead and buy him (us) season tickets to Starlight Theatre for the summer or maybe to an Off-Broadway show like Wicked or Stomp.

2. Book a staycation at a hotel in your city

A staycation is always a romantic vday gift - maybe even for that night! This is a fun and affordable way to get out of the house for the night and have some fun together especially for parents wanting to celebrate Valentine's Day. We love staycations at 21c Hotel in Kansas City, especially in the winter when outdoor activities are harder to come by. You can spend a whole day exploring this hotel since it has a built-in museum, the historic Savoy restaurant, cozy bar, a trendy hotel gift shop and very romantic and modern hotel rooms for movies and relaxing.

3. Buy him tickets to a sporting event in your city

We're a big fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. Since the season ended for us (boo), you have a couple options...Sporting KC and the Royals are also very great and fun teams to support. This is a fun idea for any city even if you aren't local to ours!

4. Make him dinner, and don't forget to set the scene

We're talking about the most romantic day of the year here people, so don't scrimp on the sauce. Don't underestimate the power of a romantic date night-in especially if you go the extra mile.

How to create a vibe for an at-home date night?

1. What should I cook for Valentine's Day? Find a romantic recipe and make sure it's something special that you don't make every day. We recommend a yummy lemon pasta with fresh lemon zest and a homemade cheesecake.

2. Make a few sexy appetizers to start and really set the mood. We recommend chocolate-dipped strawberries or other dipped fruits. You can save time and stress by assembling these the day before and chilling them overnight in the fridge!

3. Snag a candelabra or two and a bunch of tall candlesticks. Find a plate or counter in your house where you don't mind a little wax dripping on it. (You can scrape it off later with a razor.) Dripped wax adds to the sexy and intimate factor, so let it drip away! Spice things up with other candles all over the house - but especially in the area where you plan to eat.

4. Light some woodsy incense - this will really amp up the feels and emotions.

5. Dim the lights for some mood lighting and let those candles burn, baby!

We hope you have the best time discovering unique and fun things to do on Valentine's Day this year. Don't forget to soak in the memories, as this particular Valentine's Day - whatever you do - will never happen again, so make sure to make it count!

February 09, 2022 — Team MADI

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