Best Valentine's Gifts for Her: Vday Gifts that Give Back

Have you been scrambling around lately asking yourself where to find the best Valentine's Day gifts for that special lady in your life? Below, we've come up with a list of our most popular Valentine's Day gifts, made locally by us from sustainable fabrics. We've also thrown in a few other gift ideas from other clean-ingredient and mission-driven brands we love!

What's the best part about buying her MADI Apparel for such a romantic holiday? Your gift gives back in multiple ways and is guaranteed to melt her heart, reminding you why she fell in love with you to begin with. For every item you buy, we'll donate a pair of underwear to a requesting organization serving women and youth in need and include a card spotlighting the specific organizations your purchase benefits. Underwear is the most needed and most under-donated item of clothing, and we can't fulfill requests for deserving non-profits on our waiting list without YOU our customers!

Your lady is of course unique, and not one relationship is the same as the next. So, we've curated gift ideas for different types of relationships and interests to help you navigate what kind of Vday gift to get her!


What is the most unique Vday gift I can get for my wife?

Have you ever thought about getting her a luxury sheets set? Based on feedback we've received from customers who've ordered our bamboo satin sheet sets, these sheets are probably the biggest game-changer for better sleep routines.

And, they come in the most beautiful and minimal cotton canvas packing bag so you both can keep your sheets organized in your linens closet!

Bed sheets aren't really a traditional Vday gift, but something about creating a softer, dreamier bed for you and your wife feels sexy and special!

What should I get my girlfriend for our first Valentine's Day?

This one is a bit awkward and can feel tricky and pressure-filled. But, have no fear, new relationships are fun and so is gift-giving!

We recommend gifting her a set of a few smaller items that feel thoughtful yet don't scream "woah, relax, I just met you :)." The trick is to pull at her heartstrings and to show you care while also balancing that this is a new relationship and you're still getting to know each other. Tread carefully, friends!

A clean-burn soy candle that smells like silk:

Just any old candle can feel a bit impersonal, but not this one! For every candle you buy, we get to donate a pair of underwear to women and youth in need, and we mention this on the candle packaging for her to read! This is a sexy-scented candle, too, so it will leave her thinking of you longer than - like we said - any old candle.

Cruelty-free silk sleep shorts:

We recommend gifting her a set of cruelty-free silk sleep shorts with our silk soy candle. These shorts make a difference in multiple ways. They're made from cruelty-free silk which - unlike traditional commercial mulberry silk - is the only silk in the world where silkworms aren't killed in the process to make it. The little silkworms make the silk that we get to wear, but they still live free happy lives :). Not only are these shorts "silky soft", but they'll give her the feeling that you care about her, people, animals and the environment!

Now that's a way to start off your new relationship on the right foot!


Where can I find a sexy Valentine's Day gift for my girlfriend?  

You've come to the right place...Although we aren't specifically a lingerie company, we do make ethical lingerie and sustainable underwear for women. Since day one, we've specialized in making and donating underwear. Many customers have reviewed that we make the most comfortable underwear that they've ever worn and express that it feels like a special treat.

All six of our underwear styles have been popularly ordered since we launched them in 2014, but below are our favorites.

Bamboo robe, black lace bralette, black lace panty:

This is like the set of dreams! You'll love how it looks and she'll love how it feels.

Our hand-dyed golden bralette and lace panty set feel like the classiest underwear of all time. But hurry because these are almost sold out!

Best pajamas to gift my wife for Valentine's Day:

Comfy pajamas are our specialty, and we've been making them as soft and as special as we can since 2015. We offer multiple different mix and match pajama sets, so you really can't go wrong. We recommend peaking through her current pajamas and thinking about whether she likes shorts or pants, long sleeves or short-sleeves, pants or just underwear, etc., so you find the most perfect pajamas for her specifically.

Cheap Valentine's Day gifts for women:

When we say cheap, we aren't referring to quality. Unlike most global fashion brands, we're one of few to pay a living wage to our sewers, make all products in our own city and use sustainable and long-lasting fabrics. We could also call these affordable Vday gifts if cheap doesn't feel quite right! Basically, we want you to feel like you can shop with us no matter what your budget is!

Cruelty-free silk sleep mask and cruelty-free silk scrunchie:


Clean-burn locally made soy candle:

This candle is perfect for women who love candles that smell like cologne.

Valentine's Day gifts in Kansas City:

If you live locally near us in Kansas City, stop by our Valentine's Day gifts pop-up in our Kansas City Westside shop on 2/12/22! You'll be able to shop all of the gifts mentioned above and our entire sustainable collection, but we're hosting three other businesses bringing KC-made vday gifts.

Sugar and Sky will be bringing hand-made artisan cotton candy. The bright colors and tasty flavors are sure to give her a sugar rush! Sugar and Sky popped up last year with Valentine's Day gifts and it was such a fun experience for our shoppers!

Fleur and Honey is a local Kansas City desserts and treats company. She also popped up in our Kansas City store last year and was a huge hit with literally a line for her treats. She sold out of most things so better come early!

Who is She is a local Kansas City hand-made jewelry company. All of her jewelry is made in KC specifically by her!

We hope you have the sweetest Valentine's Day with your loved one! Click here for Valentine's Day gift ideas for him and stay tuned for our next post on unique and fun things to do on Valentine's Day!

February 06, 2022 — Team MADI

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