6 Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Him 2022

We often get the question, what do I get my boyfriend or husband for Valentine's Day? We specialize in non-cheesy gifts for men because we consider everything we make to be a staple basic that will never go out of style. Our sustainable menswear products are all classic, ridiculously comfy and they make for a great gift that gives back. We've curated a list of our most popular ethical menswear products for every type of guy and a few other travel and charity gift ideas that he won't be expecting!

And, don't forget, for every gift you buy we get to donate a pair of underwear to requesting non-profit organizations in need. Click the photos to shop specific products!

1. What do I gift a guy who loves to be comfortable?

Well, you're in luck. We're one of the best brands for comfortable clothes. The best part? All of our products are Made in KC from sustainable fabrics like bamboo and organic cotton. You really can't go wrong, but our favorites

 Either of our biodegradable stretch fleece sustainable sweatshirts are our go-to comfy gifts. Both our crewneck and hoodie sweatshirts come in bone, moroccan blue and pine green.

Looking for a little extra something to throw in with the comfy sweats? We love products from Skin KC, a hand-made organic skincare line. All products are made in KC by the owner and her team out of the most clean and best-smelling natural skincare ingredients. I mean come on, a luxuriously comfy sweatshirt paired with great-smelling lotion or bath products? He'll be in heaven!

2. What to gift a guy who loves football and winter sports:

A biodegradable stretch fleece beanie:

Our beanies are affordable, ridiculously soft and dressing warm for outdoor winter activities like football games. Our beanies are currently offered in hand-dyed red, bone and moroccan blue. So, depending on his favorite sports team, you may have a winning color here!

3. What do I get for a guy who likes nice things?

Okay, so maybe he's a little bougie? :) There's nothing wrong with that, he must know what he wants! Our ethical fashion and ethical home goods are all very soft to the touch, but our bamboo bed sheets are the most comfortable and probably take the cake for feeling luxurious at home.

Our bamboo sheets sets come in a cotton canvas bag and truly feel and look like a piece of heaven. They'll glow in your linens closet sitting next to your other less magical sheet sets.

4. What should I get him for our first Valentine's Day?

Well, congrats lovebirds! This is an exciting time, and may feel like a lot of pressure to gift the most perfect Vday gift for your new boyfriend. We're here to help and make you look real real good :).

We have an idea for a simple yet tasteful and sexy gift set for him. Neither of these gifts scream "woah slow down, I just met you", but they also show thoughtfulness and have a romantic flair.

Our fireside candle and bamboo basic tee will make him feel all warm and cozy. And the best part? You'll be able to enjoy both too :). Haven't you ever heard of a boyfriend tee?

 5. What do I gift my guy who loves to travel?

Our eco-friendly jogger sweatpants are hands down the BEST travel pants for plane trips and road trips. Just trust us! Also, since these are unisex, if you're anywhere close to his size, you can steal them every now and again for personal wear...We make our super popular and comfy sweats in pine green, moroccan blue and bone.

Oh, and this is a super secret tip, but here's a gift idea he won't be expecting: an annual premium subscription to Scott's Cheap Flights for the most incredibly cheap flight deals to destinations all over the world. Pair a subscription with a pair of the comfiest joggers and you've just become a gift-giving QUEEN in his eyes.

6. What's a unique gift idea for my husband?

Perhaps you've been celebrating Valentine's Day together since 1988...Sounds like you're already winning since you're still making it a point to celebrate each other! But, we bet you're running out of inspiring new gift ideas, huh?

This gift idea has nothing to do with our ethical fashion brand, but more to do with warming his heart. We recommend gifting him a donation in his name to a charity that means a lot to him. Wrap it up in a super cute hand-made Vday card with a sweet note about why you love him so much. Ta-tah!

Need some inspiration for charities that might tug at his heartstrings specifically? Head here for a list of 50 heart-warming charities to donate to.

We hope this guide helps spark some ideas. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog for ideas on fun and unique things to do on Valentine's Day!

February 05, 2022 — Team MADI

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