New product: hand-dyed red beanie hats!

We're so excited that our Kansas City team has made it to the championship football game this weekend. In celebration and support of the sea of red across Kansas City, we've hand-dyed limited edition beanie hats. They'll be available until the final football game of the season or until sold out!

Our beanies are Made in KC a few blocks from our brick-and-mortar local store out of a fabric blend of biodegradable organic cotton and tencel. All products are sweatshop-free and ethically made. In fact, we're one of few fashion brands to pay a living wage to our sewers.

This garment requires over ten steps of hand labor including cutting by hand, sewing multiple seams and labels, dyeing by hand and steaming.

Imagine sitting at the championship football game or watching the game on tv on 1/30 in the most comfortable red beanie hat you've ever met.

January 28, 2022 — Team MADI

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