Five Media is helping us give back even MORE!

In 2021, we applied for a super big deal big kid grant through Five Media.

5 is an impact media foundation that connects thinkers and doers to co-create a more sustainable future. As part of this, 5 supports exciting projects immersed in sustainability and community-driven impact. Projects built by businesses like us! We applied to Five requesting help through financial and other resources, crossed our fingers and waited.

We were blown away that our pitch was well-received and 5 ended up choosing MADI Apparel as one of their newest partners to support!

Five believes strongly in showcasing the impact businesses are making through storytelling, supporting their partners financially, or collaborating with their partners in other ways, in order to accelerate the positive change they’re making.

5's grant partnership will connect us in partnership for at least three years, and through lots of back and forth communication, we decided to kick off our partnership with a few select projects together.

Five's goals in choosing us as one of their partners look a little something like this:

1. To help spark the growth and success of MADI Apparel and the impact we are making.

Five has budgeted and covered the costs for a videographer team to film our team, storefront, makers and sewing studios, dye processes, and more. Aligning with 5's mission to story tell and spill details of impact, we collectively discussed how video is one of the most important ways to help us remain transparent and authentic about what we do and why we do it.

2. To support the requests we receive from organizations all over the world for underwear donations.

Five's financial support will help us travel and cover postage costs to ship underwear donations to organizations outside of our city 

3. To help market our brand and mission

5 and MADI Apparel have already announced this partnership through social media, and 5 also plans to share more about MADI Apparel on as we continue our collaborative efforts, through impact-dives and other storytelling methods, and more.

5 Media is mostly based in the Netherlands, but we're working hand-and-hand with their North American-based team on the majority of our shared projects. Our first collaboration together has begun, and we need the help of all of our customers to reach our goal.

For every item purchased now through April 30th, we’ll donate a pair of underwear to New Jersey-based POWER CHANGES LIVES INC®️ - whose mission is to provide assistance to disadvantaged and low-income individuals and the homeless, creating sustainable futures and igniting hope with the ability to thrive in underserved communities.

We’re teaming up with our partners at Five Media to collaborate with POWER® at one of their many upcoming S.H.O.W. LavaLove®️ Pop-Up Care Village events to
distribute new biodegradable underwear for women and youth and provide an exclusive shopping experience. Our team will head to the April 30th state-wide event in Trenton, NJ at the CURE Insurance Arena where attendees will have access to hot showers through a 29-foot custom mobile hygiene trailer, and will be joined by over 30 community partners providing services such as housing, employment, financial assistance, veterans services and more to over 1,000 local community members.

We're thrilled to kick off our hopefully everlasting partnership with Five Media, and we are the proudest and most thankful business there ever was! We're honestly always floored when businesses and individuals SEE and FEEL what we're doing and go above and beyond to support us. Thank you 5 Media for "seeing" us!

March 06, 2022 — Hayley Santell

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