The Art of Ethical Fashion Coffee Table Book

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If you're a fan of print (versus digital), of something special and tangible to hold and cherish in your home or to gift to a loved one, this book is for you.

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Dimensions: 8.5" x 11.25" x 0.75"

Hardback cover: A creamy modern white sturdy cover with a satisfying velvety matte texture

Paperback cover: A single-edition collectible coffee table fashion magazine. Picture your favorite modern minimalist fashion or home goods magazine like RH Interiors - the paperback version is a sexy chic addition to add to neutral living room decor that won't outdate itself

Interior: Matte pages with a subtle sheen featuring premium color ink on 60-80 lb stock

Back Cover Summary: 

A rare and stunning behind-the-scenes glimpse into the beautiful world of ethical manufacturing that explores the art of the craft while promoting sustainable, responsible and ethical practices within the industry. 

Modern-day fashion and society tell us that cheaper is better. But what if the narrative could be told differently? Would you cherish the clothes and accessories that you wear with a greater respect if you knew the makers behind those products by name? Ethical fashion is not just kind, fair and functional, but it is alive, mystic, creative and it lives through the hands that contribute to every detail of each piece.

Dive into this visually captivating and inspiring conversation piece that sheds light on the calloused and trained hands, the creative minds, and the diverse craftsmanship abilities behind the consciously made products you proudly wear and love every day. Get ready to feel something.

This coffee table book will leave you feeling changed for the better and encouraged to take action toward curating a slower, more conscious plus empowering shopping lifestyle and wardrobe in your own life. It features thought-provoking and educational context surrounding sustainable manufacturing practices, interviews with a few of the most experienced, interesting makers in the industry and breathtaking photography that intimately studies a world so rarely captured and revealed. Welcome to the artful world of ethical fashion manufacturing. 

Written, designed and self-published by: Hayley Besheer Santell (MADI Apparel founder)


Photography: Tara Shupe

Photography sponsored by: Imagine5

Editors: Emily Moon, Pamela Besheer, Norman Besheer

Maker interviews featuring: Laura Treas, Maret Miller, Alyx Jacobs, John Pryor, Maria Rodriguez

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