Silky Organic Bamboo Pillowcase

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For every item you buy, we get to donate a pair of underwear to requesting organizations all over the world.

About the fabric:
Many of you have been missing our bamboo satin sheets since we discontinued them. Although we won't be bringing them back, these match our discontinued organic bamboo sheets and have been a customer request for years!

Our eco-friendly bamboo pillowcases  are so soft you'll feel like you're sleeping in clouds

  • The creamy ivory shade will match pretty much any white sheets on the market  s
  • Sustainable bamboo bedding made from ethically sourced 100% organic bamboo sateen. Tested for no harmful substances.
  • Chemical-free organic bamboo fibre and plant are resistant to pests, bacteria and bugs
  • Moisture wicking, helps fight night sweats
  • Fabric thickness keeps your warm in the winter while staying more breathable than cotton
    About the production:
    Made in Kansas City by our small batch manufacturing team where all of our team members are paid a living wage to make our products.