Modest Bikini Panty in Logwood (Hand Dyed)

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"The Mimi" Modest Bikini in Hand Dyed Logwood

    For every item sold, we donate a pair of underwear to women or youth in a requesting organization in need. Why? Because underwear is the least donated yet most requested item of clothing.

    About the natural dye:

    • Most commercial dyes used in fashion are toxic to our bodies and pollute water sources. This natural dye is extracted from the heartwood of logwood trees in Central America and the West Indies where it is grown sustainably. It is not an endangered tree and grows abundantly!
    • Hand dyed locally in our city by maker Alyx Jacobs (sets her own pricing and we pay her a living wage)
    • Due to the natural dye and hand dye methods, every piece in this collection will be uniquely different and may have blemishes or dye inconsistencies. See photos for reference.


    For every ethical basic purchased, we donate a pair of underwear to a woman in need.  Why?  Because it's the most under-donated item of clothing.

    * Only the first photo is the Modest Bikini - other underwear styles pictured are available to purchase separately in the logwood collection 

    • Designed by founder
    • Cut/sewn in Kansas City (made in USA)
    • Modest back coverage
    • Mid Rise
    • No elastics, limited panty lines, luxuriously soft comfort
    • Note: Limited hand-dyed custom colors may have color variations like spotting, blemishes, etc. Each piece is perfectly imperfect. Please wash dyed products once solo before mixing with other garments
    • Stretch Knit Viscose from Bamboo: 95% Bamboo 5 % Spandex
    • Fabric = biodegradable, self-wicking, super soft, organically sustainable, odor resistant and dries super fast!