Did you know?  Underwear is the most needed, under-donated item of clothing.  Click to read how our founder launched MADI after learning this shocking statistic.
We donate multiple styles made from organically sustainable viscose from bamboo - a fast-drying, odor-resistant fabric that can be washed and hang-dried overnight.   


For every item purchased, we donate a pair of underwear to a woman in need in domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, rape clinics and disaster relief situations.  We fulfill domestic and international urgent need underwear donation requests regularly.  Through your orders, we've donated underwear to over 6,500 women in over 40 organizations and eight countries!  

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  • Kenya, Africa

To fulfill an urgent request for underwear donations in a rural community where young girls are faced with Female Genital Mutilation, early childhood marriages, domestic violence, and dropping out of school due to lack of underwear and menstrual hygiene

Partnered organization: Smartchild Kenya

  • Mali, Africa

Partnered Organization: One Global Village

  • Quito, Ecuador 

Mission: Donate 300 pairs of underwear to three organizations with an urgent underwear request: San Juan de Dios (organization that serves mentally and physically disabled through therapy program and housing), teens and staff at Henry Davis Orphanage and mothers learning job training programs to better their lives at an organization called Cenit.

  • Panama 

Mission : Donate 150 pairs of underwear to mothers and teens of the Ngobe Bugle Tribe in two orphanages and remote mountain villages where underwear is difficult to access 

Mission Collaboration Partner : 4LoveClothing and Sowing Seeds of Love

  • Havana and Santiago, Cuba 

Mission Donate 75 pairs of underwear to homeless women and mothers in a maternity clinic where mentally or physically ill mothers-to-be can stay for treatment.  Many women (and men) are making an income of $40 a month.  Underwear is often a luxury in many areas and usually unaffordable. 

Mission Collaboration Partner : Cultural Center "Fernando Ortiz" in Santiago / 

  • Fonds-Parisien, Haiti 

Mission : Donate 300 pairs of underwear to women in three remote villages and a birthing clinic where underwear is difficult to access but very needed for women's hygiene purposes

Our team provided menstrual hygiene education in areas where women's health needs and questions are not often met or prioritized

Mission Collaboration Partner  - Circle of Health International - Austin, TX

  • India

Mission: Donate 75 pairs of underwear to women in remote areas with rare access to affordable, clean underwear

Mission Collaboration Partner - Country Club Christian Church – Kansas City, MO

  • London, UK

Mission: Donate 50 pairs of underwear to women escaping domestic violence.

Partnered Organization: Solace Women's Aid 

Mission Collaboration Partner - Birdsong, London (For every pair of underwear sold on Birdsong.London, we're able to donate a pair of underwear to a woman locally in that city.)
  • Campbell River, BC in Canada

Partnered Organization: Campbell River Transitional Society

**For all MADI intimates sold at Hermosa Lingerie in British Columbia, we donate a pair of underwear to local women at CRTS.


For every MADI item sold at any of our retail outlets nationwide or abroad, we donate a pair of underwear to an organization in that local city!  Click to find a retail outlet near you!  All other organization partnerships are based on urgent need requests for underwear donations that we fulfill within a few months of request
  • Nashville, TN

Partnered Organization: Community Resource Center (to fulfill urgent request for 2020 tornado relief)

**For all MADI Apparel womens and mens underwear sold at local boutique Nashville Darlin, we donate a pair of underwear to Nashville Tornado relief

  • Omaha, NE

Partnered Organization: Open Door Mission (homeless and domestic violence)

**For all MADI intimates sold at Von Maur Department Store in Omaha, we donate a pair of underwear to Open Door Mission

  • Minneapolis, MN

Partnered Organization: Tubman (domestic violence)

**For all MADI intimates sold at Von Maur Department Store in Eden Prairie/Minneapolis, we donate a pair of underwear to survivors of domestic violence at Tubman.

  • Iowa City, IA

Partnered Organization: DVIP

**For all MADI intimates sold at Revival in Iowa City, we donate a pair of underwear to survivors of domestic violence locally at DVIP.

  • Portland, OR

Partnered Organization - Jean's Place

**For all MADI intimates sold at Lille Boutique in Portland, we donate a pair of underwear to local women through Jean's Place.

  • San Diego, CA

Partnered Organization: Center for Community Solutions Rape Crisis Center

**For all MADI intimates sold at Golden Rule Boutique in San Diego, we donate a pair of underwear to local women receiving forensic testing after a rape crisis in San Diego.

  • Pittsburgh, PA

Partnered Organization: Pittsburgh Action Against Rape

**For all MADI intimates sold at Calligramme Boutique in Pittsburgh, we donate a pair of underwear to local Pittsburgh women through organization PAAR.

  • Austin, TX

Partnered Organization: Safeplace's Eloise House (Rape Crisis Center)

  • Houston, TX

Partnered Organization: The Women's Home 

  • Grapevine/Dallas, TX

Partnered Organization: Gatehouse 

  • Oklahoma City, OK

Partnered Organization: YWCA

  • Los Angeles, CA

Partnered Organization - Jenesse Center 

  • Tulare County, CA

Partnered Organization- Family Services

  • Fresno, CA

Partnered Organization - Marjaree Mason Center

  • Overland Park, KS

Partnered Organization - Safehome

  • Lee's Summit, MO

Partnered Organization - Hope House

  • Liberty, MO

Partnered Organization - Hillcrest Hope

  • Kansas City, MO

Partnered Organization - Sheffield Place

Partnered Organization - Newhouse

Partnered Organization - MOCSA (Rape Crisis center)

Partnered Organization - Rose Brooks 

Partnered Organization - Lazarus Ministries

Partnered Organization - Synergy Services

Partnered Organization - Assistance League of Kansas City

Partnered Organization - Hope Faith Ministries

Partnered Organization - Journey to New Life (restoring opportunities for women entering society after prison)

  • Pueblo, CO

Partnered Organization: Christlife Ministries

  • Daytona Beach, FL

Partnered Organization - Domestic Abuse Council 

  • Orlando, FL

Partnered Organization - Harbor House

  • Tampa, FL

Partnered Organization - None, distributed to area homeless and washed feet

  • New York City, New York

Partnered Organization - Days for Girls New York

  • Broward County, FL

Partnered Organization - Pace Center for Girls

  • Akron OH

Partnered Organization - Rape Crisis Center of Medina and Summit Counties