Welcome to Slow Motion Goods, a home for conscious consumers.

An ethical concept store by MADI Apparel - the first of its kind in Kansas City.

Where we're located:

1659 Summit St, on the Kansas City Westside

For eight years, the MADI Apparel brand has been headquartered in the most loungy, earthy, unique standalone retail shop in the Kansas City Westside neighborhood.

Picture this atmosphere :

Big west-facing sunset-viewing windows with a huge garage door that we open 200 days out of the year

The smell of an over 100 year-old historic space - someone once referred to the smell as an "old ship" in a comforting, earthy, woodsy way

Our signature incense wafting around the wood paneled walls and deep red concrete floors that go back to when our storefront was once an auto body shop

The bar in the back room where we host events or daily coffee and N/A spirit sips

Velvet and leather sofas, wooden chairs and lounge areas with character

And last but not least, our lush vined and treed backyard with a hammock, a tiny stage that we built for concerts, benches for the people, tables to sip and stay, and a tiny skyline view you can see when the leaves have fallen

Are you ready to make a trip in to see us? :)


Why the change from MADI Apparel to Slow Motion Goods?

On Earth Day 2023, we re-branded the name of our storefront from MADI Apparel - to a new name and ethical shopping concept, Slow Motion Goods.

MADI Apparel the brand will continue to exist separately and together with Slow Motion Goods. You'll still be able to shop our entire MADI Apparel at Slow Motion Goods, on madiapparel.com, at the KCI airport, and in various retail stores across the country carrying our products.

So, the MADI Apparel brand will stay the same. The only thing changing is the name and concept of our Kansas City storefront.

In addition to making and championing for locally sewn ethical fashion that gives back, we will also be reclaiming used products and landfill-bound waste in an effort to expand our sustainability practices and become even more of a hub for conscious consumers in our city and beyond.


What is the concept of Slow Motion Goods?

Slow Motion Goods is an immersive, ethical shopping experience for thoughtful consumers. Our focus on ethical manufacturing and waste reduction is reflected in every aspect of our store. We keep already-made goods in motion and out of landfills by artfully reclaiming and renovating them. Our goal is to promote mindful consumption by keeping new and used unwanted goods in motion with the effort of diverting waste from landfills. Welcome home, curious and thoughtful shoppers, to a loungey space where you can stay a while and explore our mission to inspire positive change in the world.

What do we carry?

- Our own brand of ethically + locally made staple basics, MADI Apparel. For any item you buy, we donate a pair of underwear

- Reclaimed goods (found old and turned into new/fresh) like : pocket notebooks and card holders made from landfill bound paper + leather waste, skateboards, acrylic + oil + watercolor paintings reclaimed from old canvas' and scrapped paper, customized sneakers like nike dunks/converse/vans, old vessels turned candles, hand-dyed pillow cases + napkins, etc

- Curated (but mostly untouched) thrift finds like : records, record players, coffee table books, candlesticks, plant pots, glasswear, etc

Our goal is to make, find and reclaim pieces that will become your most beloved lifetime staples.

Our Kansas City store hours:

Weds: 11-3

Thurs: 11-6

Fri: 11-6

Sat: 11-6

Sun: 10-4

See you soon Kansas Citians and travelers near and far. We can't wait to meet you!