We stand by our promise to source only ethical and sustainable fabrics, and we test them months before introducing anything new into our line. Your skin, your health and your comfort are our priorities. Since we make products that lay closest to your body than perhaps others, we figured these are important elements to stay true to :). We also care about the people making these fabrics and how the factories we work with are treating the environment. You better believe we've done our research!



    What's so great about bamboo fabric?

    We source ethically-made bamboo fabric because it feels like clouds, it has a wash-and-wear lifespan that lasts for years longer than most fabrics, and it literally breaks down into the soil at the end of it's life! That's right, bamboo fabric is biodegradable!

    Other perks to bamboo clothing:

    • It's practical.  You can wash and hang-dry underwear made out of the fabric overnight!
    • Bamboo keeps you cool. The fibers used to make our fabric have channels that will absorb moisture and wick it away from the skin, keeping you cool and dry.
    • Bamboo is a cloud-like, buttery fabric

    • The fabric is odor-preventing and fast-drying.
          • Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and helps sustain Earth's resources

          • Bamboo takes in five times the volume of greenhouse gasses when compared to timber trees and releases 35% more oxygen. 

          • Pesticides and fertilizers aren't needed, and its roots retain water, sustaining riverbanks and reducing water pollution.

          • Bamboo is long-lasting, thus MADI is creating less waste on the environment as you'll be able to wear your MADI sustainable basics for years!

          • Softer and higher quality than any other fabric we experiemented with. Our customers "oo" and "ahh" about how our fabrics are the softest they have ever felt and almost feels like they aren't wearing anything!

          Our bamboo fabric certifications =

              • Confidence in Textiles: Tested for harmful substances from Swiss Textile Testing Institute
              • Global Organic Textile Certified, Organic Content Certified

                Tencel/Organic Cotton Stretch Fleece

                Our hoodies and joggers are made out of 66% Tencel, 28% Organic Cotton, 6% Spandex


                What's so great about our tencel fabric?

                The fibers originate from the renewable raw material wood, created by photosynthesis. The fibers are manufactured using an environmentally responsible production process. The fibers are certified as compostable and biodegradable, and thus can fully revert back to nature.

                Other perks to our tencel clothing:

                • Made from eucalyptus wood that's harvested from natural forests and sustainably managed tree farms. These trees are fast growing and require no toxic pesticides and very little water to thrive
                • Ethical sourcing of wood and ethical pulp production
                • Made in an environmentally responsible closed loop production process, which transforms wood pulp into cellulosic fibers with high resource efficiency and low environmental impact. This solvent-spinning process recycles process water and reuses the solvent at a recovery rate of more than 99%.

                Perks of our organic cotton clothing:

                • No pesticides, 100% biodegradable and compostable
                • Rest assured, choosing our products made of tencel and organic cotton will not contribute to an adverse impact on the environment.
                Our fabric certifications for this blend =
                • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Made from organic cotton yarn, Tencel

                • USDA certified biobased product

                • Certified as biodegradable and compostable


                Supersoft Modal Jersey


                What's so great about modal clothing?

                Like bamboo, modal is silky-soft. It's a bit lighter and more airy but also thinner than our bamboo fabric.

                Biodegradable, ethically-sourced, carbon neutral

                • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100
                • USDA certified biobased product
                • Certified as biodegradable and compostable


                    LONG-LASTING, USA-MADE LACES

                    • The ethically-made laces we source aren't organic, but our laces are eco-friendly as they last for years longer than most laces. They're also made in the USA - meaning we're creating less of a carbon footprint when our lace manufacturer ships the material to us. You can wash and dry our lace underwear styles for over five years before seeing holes or other wear. Longer-lasting products means less apparel production and less waste in our landfills.

                    • Most of our lace comes to us in the natural form - undyed. We usually work with a local dye-artist to dye using organic materials like indigo, avocados and flowers.

                    • We have a high standard when testing our laces for quality and comfort before launching them into our line of impactful intimates.  The number one factor we consider when testing our fabrics is the long-lasting capability. We want to ensure that you may wash and dry our products hundreds of times and hardly notice any wear - this is what sets us apart from our competitors.  Throw away your holy lace undies and treat yourself to a luxurious, long-lasting pair of MADI lace underwear!

                    • We've become well-known for not only super soft but extremely high quality and long-lasting laces.


                      We stand by our products 100%. If you notice a flaw in the manufacturing or the fabric wears out faster than we promised? Email us here: customerservice@madiapparel.com and we will send you another in exchange at no change!