MADI Apparel garments are designed, cut, sewn, hand-dyed, custom dyed and made in Kansas City, MO

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1. Ethical fashion designed by our founder Hayley Santell in Kansas City

Each garment is thoughtfully designed by our founder Hayley and cut and sewn by women in the city we're headquartered...We care about creating garments for you that LAST, and we care about the hands that make them.  We care about fair wages, safe work environments and producing quality luxurious eco-friendly fashion pieces that'll stay in your closets forever.

2. After ethically sourced sustainable fabrics hit our headquarters doorstep, products are then cut and sewn by our local Kansas City sewing team. Sewers are all paid a living wage in our sweatshop-free, fair labor sewing facility a few blocks from our flagship store.

The majority of our products are cut and sewn by women-owned sewing businesses we contract like KC Fashion Tech. Head of the team is owner and sewing artisan Laura Treas whose hands have carefully produced our products for almost six years. #whomadeyourclothes? They're headquartered in Crossroads, Kansas City Missouri in a shared sewing facility with our staff payroll sewers mentioned below.

We also train at-risk women in our city to sew through our free non-profit seamstress training program, MADI Makes. Once trainees learn and master a lifetime job skill and then graduate from our program, our for-profit MADI Apparel hires the women to regularly sew our sustainable products as part-time payroll employees, and they're paid a living wage.

3. We contract-employ a local Kansas City Maker - Alyx Jacobs - to HAND DYE many of our limited edition color collections

Alyx uses natural dyes like avocado pits and skins (to make our Summer 2019 Blush collection), ancient indigo with shibori prints, and even real marigold products to naturally dye our products from the most striking colors. We're one of very few clothing manufacturers to implement natural dyes into our collections.


^Videos by Michael Saldivar

We choose to manufacture MADI Apparel garments domestically for three main reasons:

1. To sustain and create new jobs in our communities

2. To support fair labor conditions/wages

3. To reduce the carbon footprint that increases each time shipments are imported 

Why is American manufacturing so important to us?

Because our goal is to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of people and the planet.

  • A cheap price tag = cheap labor.  If you're paying close to nothing for a garment, chances are, the person making the garment was paid close to nothing to make it.  

  • Manufacturing abroad in countries like China and Indonesia does not help our economy - in fact, it hurts us.  Thousands of American cut and sew production workers have lost their jobs over the last few decades as clothing companies have moved their manufacturing jobs abroad for cheaper production.

  • By working with a cut and sew manufacturing team literally in the same city as our headquarters, we are able to oversee and ensure that workers making our undies are paid a fair wage, that environmental standards are met and that child labor and abusive labor is eliminated.

Local production team in the SAME CITY as our headquarters - Kansas City!


Products Designed by: Founder Hayley Besheer Santell

Pattern Design and Construction: Maria Cormier // Maria Rodriguez

Cut and Sew Production by MADI Apparel and Fashion Tech KC in Kansas City, Missouri