When and where will the donated underwear from my purchase be distributed to women in repair?

At the end of each month, we total the number of intimates sold on madiapparel.com.  Then, we know how many we are able to donate.  We have a list of organizations waiting patiently for new underwear donations, and the following month we will donate as many pairs as we can to the organizations next in order on our list.  If we have an international drop-off coming up, we will use your undie donations for women abroad.  Click here to see organizations we've donated to.

**If you purchase a pair in our KC storefront, a pair will be donated back to a woman in an organization in Kansas City

**If you purchase a pair from any of our retail boutique or online distribution outlets, we will donate all underwear from buy one give one model back to that LOCAL city - keeping all underwear donations sustainable to that city!  For example: if you purchase a MADI intimate item from Lille Boutique in Portland, we will donate a pair to Jean's Place in Portland.  If you purchase a MADI intimate from Von Maur Minneapolis, we will donate a pair to Tubman DV shelter in Minneapolis!


Can I put my MADIs in the dryer?  

Yes!  Founder Hayley chose the fabrics we used and designed the styles specifically to be luxury undergarments with low maintenance.  We want our panties to look good, but who really has time for all of those washer/dryer worries?  Hayley has been washing and drying a couple pairs from our initial prototype pairs produced in 2013 and has seen almost NO wear!  Also, women we donate to will receive the exact same pairs and can wash and hang dry a pair overnight :).


I would love some advice on what style will flatter my body type

Email us your measurements and an intimates stylist from Team MADI will reach out with some ideas/suggestions!  Although, we're sure you'd rock any style and look beautiful doing so :).


I tried my MADIs on and they don't fit!  

Dont fret, friend!  You may return your intimates for a free exchange for another size at no cost to you other than return shipping!  Simply send us an email: info.madiapparel@gmail.com explaining the new size you'd like and we will drop it back in the mail to you!  Pairs must be UNWORN (tried on over another pair of undergarments.)


I received my MADIs and the quality of the garment wasn't 100% satisfactory!

We hold true to a 100% guarantee that our local quality and long-lasting fabrics will exceed your expectations.  You shouldn't have to settle when it comes to your underwear - your most intimate article of clothing.  These details are indeed what set us apart from the crowd of intimate apparel companies and we aim to keep you as a lifetime customer!  If you have any seam, quality or fit issues, please email us and we will send you a new pair with a free shipping code.


I'm disappointed that I don't see my size in the options listed by a product

We are still in startup mode, but new sizes are arriving shortly!  We are very conscious and motivated to continue growth so that we can expand our selection of sizing to fit all women.  Before launching, we surveyed thousands of women in-person and online to come up with the three most popular sizes to launch with.  We've already grown and launched two additional sizes, now offering XS-XL in most styles.  Please keep checking back and don't give up on us!  New developments are in the works - thanks for your patience!


I signed up for a subscription service but I want to cancel.

Come on guys, these undies are the comfiest intimates ever - even thinking of canceling your subscription will be cringe-worthy :).  BUT - good news is, you are not obligated to stick with the subscription - you may cancel at any time!  You may even skip a subscription for that month or period and wait for the next time we're scheduled to send you a new pair!  Any questions about details, email us!


When MADI donates underwear internationally, are we harming the local economy in the country we are visiting by taking jobs from locals in the area  who make and sell underwear?

No, your purchase is not harming communities abroad, but rather helping to ensure proper hygiene and sanitation that women and young women need in various rural areas of the world where new underwear is an unmet need.  The underwear donations that your purchases provide ensure that young women are able to attend school while on their menstrual cycle and new moms are able to stay clean and protected throughout their pregnancy and postpartum time.  We have strict guidelines when assessing a new partnership with organizations abroad.  We only donate to organizations that otherwise can't afford to buy underwear for their clients in bulk or do not have access to new underwear because of rural environments.  We choose to donate to organizations that reach out to us with very specific requests for new underwear donations - such as health and hygiene reasons or rural locations. 

Example: when we traveled to Haiti in 2015, we donated to a birth clinic where women walked for miles to have their babies and the clinic contacted us, requesting new underwear donations that they could provide for women postpartum.  On this same trip, we trekked across a lake and up a mountain to rural communities where we held hygiene seminars for young women entering their menstrual cycle and donated hygiene kits to families who have little to no access to new underwear and other hygiene products.


I want to be part of Team MADI!

We are growing rapidly and always looking to grow our team.  Please send a resume and cover letter to info.madiapparel@gmail.com for more details about open internships and jobs.

Please email us at info.madiapparel(at)gmail.com with additional questions!