What makes us unique amongst thousands of brands in a $30 billion industry?

We are the only brand attempting to positively impact all areas of the industry.

For every intimate sold, a pair of underwear is donated

Underwear is the most under-donated item - so we donate it.

Quality, long-lasting fabrics

Our price tags aren't cheap, but our intimates are timeless and luxurious - therefore lowering waste. In fact, they're made from bamboo - the fastest growing plant in the world.

Cut and sewn in Kansas City

Our competitors moved their production abroad where unfair labor is almost always a risk - so we're bringing jobs back to Americans and ensuring fair labor right here.

Why Undies?

Underwear is the most needed and under-donated item of clothing in the US.

MADI Apparel is a women’s undergarment brand with the dedication to Make a Difference domestically and globally. MADI is founded upon the principles of American manufacturing, self-sustaining fabrics/packaging and socially conscious global impact through underwear donations.  We believe in our world's women - we aim to impact the lives of these women, one undie at a time.

Team MADI donating undies to partnered organization Marjaree Mason Center in Fresno, CA. Photo: Michael Lopez

Who Needs Underwear?

Underwear is a woman's most intimate article of clothing. Numerous organizations credit underwear as an assisting factor in helping a woman feel confident and comfortable during times of distress and healing.

Domestic Violence Shelters

Every day, thousands of women flee from domestic violence to a shelter, often with nothing but the clothes on their back. Most shelters routinely receive clothing and household goods donations but underwear is what they need most. New, clean underwear tops the Urgent Needs List of nearly every shelter.

Disaster Relief

When hurricanes and tornados strike (leaving thousands of Americans homeless), women need underwear. After Hurricane Sandy, Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro asked specifically for new underwear donations.

Hospital Rape Crisis Centers

Following traumatic sexual assault, victims undergo an invasive process of a forensic-medical exam to collect evidence. In most cases, these women are asked to surrender their clothing as part of evidence, and advocates provide clothing to these women to wear at home. It is very important for their healing process to have new, clean underwear.

Underwear drop-off in Fond-Parisian Haiti.  In Haiti, we trekked by foot donating underwear to women in birth clinics, remote villages, young women learning about their menstrual cycle, etc.

Why Choose MADI?

Our brand was developed around these core values: Heart, Confidence, Comfort and Wearability.

Our styles were created with simplicity in mind. Underwear is a woman’s most personal garment - we know what we’re attracted to and feel most comfortable in. So, we stuck to your favorite staple styles and spiced them up with a super soft organic fabric and floral laces!

We take pride in the fact that MADI undies are not your typical "disposable" undies that wear, tear and throw away with no regret. MADIs will be your favorite pair of undies that you will want to wear every day of the week just because they are unlike any other undies. Styles are named after individual women who’ve made a difference in the life of our founder and symbolize the kind of impact MADI can make in the world!