Cruelty-Free Silk Bag

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100% Silk Bag (small and large)

Bleach-free, chemical-free, 100% organic and natural.

Every piece from our cruelty-free silk collection comes packed in a complimentary cruelty-free silk bag. This product page is to purchase individual or extra silk bags to store your silk products.

Sizes: Large : 7.5 x 13" or Small : 5 x 7"

About the fabric :

  • Rare peace silk - also known as Ahimsa silk - is a process that allows the silkworm to emerge from their cocoon free and happy and complete their natural life cycle. The empty cocoons are then used to produce silk. Cruelty-free silk is not a vegan fabric since animals are used to make it, however, it's animal-friendly. Unlike traditional silk, silkworms are not killed in the process to make it.

About the texture:

  • To our knowledge, the peace silk we source is the only cruelty-free peace silk satin - the first of its kind! Unlike traditional silk with a shiny satin texture, our peace-silk satin has a soft, lightweight texture with a creamy off-white natural sheen.

About the garment production:

  • Garment made in Kansas City, MO by our contracted and payroll sew team. All sewers earn a living wage and work in an ethical micro-factory.
  • Fabric is ethically made by small family farms in rural India
  • Each garment was individually cut by hand, intentionally and slowly sewn with love and quality and requires many hours of labor. This USA made product is a true testament to slow fashion and ethical garment manufacturing. The only way we can compete with the cheap prices of fast fashion brands and offshore garment manufacturing is through quality production and fair wages to our entire team.
  • Bag ties are hand-made from recycled Sari silk and hand-dyed. When the silk fabric is cut and made into Saris, there's always a bit left over. From the fabric waste, the bag ribbons are made by women in cooperatives in India. The makers tear strips of fabric from the sari remnants to create less waste. We left the bag ties raw and unfinished - because imperfection is perfection.

About the garment care:

  • This is washable silk, but we recommend hand washing and drying for longer wear
  • Do not bleach any of our products as bleach breaks the fiber of natural fabrics
  • Recommend making a paste with oxi clean and vinegar for stain removal

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