What Is Bamboo Viscose? How Our Bamboo Fabric is Made

You’ve heard us talk about “bamboo viscose” many times in blogs, product descriptions and more, but we keep getting the question of “What Is Bamboo Viscose?”

Just because we are nerds about sustainability doesn’t mean that everyone else is! That’s why our team wanted to take the time to let you know about this product and why it is so awesome when it comes down to it.

In general, the word “Viscose” refers to how the bamboo is turned into fabric that can be used for things like bamboo viscose sheets, bamboo pajamas and so much more. The process is pretty straightforward when it comes down to it.

At MADI Apparel, we source ethically-made bamboo fabric because we believe that you should be able to wear your sustainability for years to come. It feels like clouds, can be washed and worn for years longer than many other fabrics, and is even biodegradable. 

How is Bamboo Viscose Made?

Bamboo viscose is made in a similar way to pretty much every other type of fabric:

  • Harvesting
  • Breaking down
  • Spinning
  • Combing
  • Weaving

The initial product (bamboo) is harvested at the end of the rainy season, just in time for new shoots to start growing for the next year. Those bamboo shoots are then broken down into tiny pieces where the cellulose can be extracted. Then, the plant is spun and combed to produce a yarn. That yarn is then weaved into what we know as bamboo fabric.

As you can see, this process is pretty identical to other popular fabrics like cotton and rayon. But, there's one big caveat that makes bamboo a superior choice: Bamboo itself is a very sustainable plant. (We'll dive into the sustainability facts of bamboo on a later blog post!)

But in general, the process of creating bamboo viscose is considered to have the least negative impact compared to the manufacturing of other fabrics.

And, when you consider that our team at MADI Apparel utilizes organic bamboo grown by the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) right here in America, you can see why our bamboo viscose fabric is considered to be a great alternative to other types of fabric!

Our fabric also has two important sustainability certifications: The Forest Certification and OEKO-TEX®. We're especially proud of OEKO-TEX because it certifies that our textiles are harmless to health, environmentally friendly and manufactured in a fair way.

Plus, our chemical-free sheets utilize organic bamboo fibre and plants that are naturally resistant to pests, bacteria and bugs.

What Does Bamboo Viscose Feel Like?

Bamboo viscose feels soft to the touch, sort of like silk but a little bit heavier. We like to say that it feels like clouds (because it does!) 

The fabric itself is highly absorbent and naturally cooling, so even when you’re extra hot (like in bed), the fabric will work to keep you feeling fresh for longer periods of time. It also offers four-way stretch for the ultimate level of comfort.

bamboo viscose description graphic

Take our bamboo viscose sheets, for example. According to Robert, one of our loyal customers, these bamboo sheets have changed the game when it comes to comfortability when sleeping in bed:

“I don’t usually get excited by things like bed sheets, but they are AMAZING!  I literally didn’t realize sheets could be this soft. 

As soon as we experienced a couple of nights on the first set of sheets, we ordered a second set! Now we’re talking about adding a third set to keep a solid rotation going! They've honestly been one of the greatest contributions to improved sleep quality that we've ever had.

There are so many benefits to bamboo bedding. The only real way to tell for yourself is to either order our sheets online or visit our Kansas City flagship store for yourself!

We’re going to keep diving into the many benefits of bamboo fabric over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for our next blog which will talk about how Bamboo Viscose sheets compare to cotton sheets! 

March 24, 2021 — Taylor Shuck

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