Sustainable Gift Ideas 2021: Eco Friendly Gifts For Him, Her & Kids

Nothing says “I care about you” better than the perfect gift. And we don’t just mean the most expensive present or the one that everyone on social media is eyeing—we mean a gift that feels like it was specially made for the receiver. And in today’s world, that means you have to shop more purposefully than just browsing the online marketplace of Amazon or Walmart. 

We also know how intimidating and overwhelming the gift-buying process can be - especially when it comes to eco friendly and sustainable gifts - as there are a lot of differences between ethical companies and it can be hard to know what to believe from their marketing messages.

And if you landed here, we know you’re searching for the best earth friendly and ethical gifts for that special someone in your life. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of our favorite sustainable gift ideas to give you a green starting point for your holiday shopping!


What We Look For In Eco Friendly Gifts 

Not all green gifts are made equally. When compiling this list, these are a few of the factors we kept top of mind:


  • Who makes the product: Is it made locally or by an artisan? Those are our favorites! We believe that all makers should be fairly compensated with living wages for their time and the love they put into the creation of a product, so we love supporting small businesses.

  • What the product is made out of: Are the ingredients or materials as ethical as the marketing makes it seem? Obviously, we’re partial to sustainable fabrics like bamboo and cruelty-free silk and look for companies that take the same great care for their materials as we do.

  • How the product is made: Does the business use smart and sustainable business practices outside of just the materials? It’s one thing if the product is made out of bamboo fabric, but if that fabric or garment is made in a sweatshop, that defeats the entire purpose and mission of sustainability.

  • How the product will be used: Is this a gift your loved one will use for years to come? Our ultimate goal with sustainable gift giving is to provide something that can be used and loved over and over again, giving itself new life year after year. 

2021 Sustainable Gift Ideas 

Sustainable gifts for him


bamboo underwear for men


Bamboo underwear

Made in USA boxer briefs by women-owned cut and sew artisan teams. These men’s bamboo boxers are made from ethically sourced, sustainable and long-lasting bamboo fabric that’s biodegradable, fast-drying, odor-preventing, breathable and silky smooth, resists shrinkage and pilling. Your man will feel like he’s wearing clouds under his jeans.  



hemp socks


Hemp Socks

Everyone wears socks. Help your man up his sock game with socks made from natural color tan-green organic cotton. There are no dyes used on these socks - the plant fiber is naturally tan-green. 



green gardening book


Second Nature: A Gardener's Education

Eight years ago, Michael Pollan bought an old Connecticut dairy farm and attempted to follow Thoreau’s example: do not impose your will upon the wilderness, the woodchucks, or the weeds. This book is a funny and profound look at American nature that any man will enjoy. 



Lounge set

There’s nothing better than a comfy lounge set in 2021. Ridiculously soft, cozy, stretchy, your man won’t want to take off this lounge set made from ethically sourced Tencel/Organic Cotton Stretch Fleece fabric blend. 


Slash Objects R2 Desk Mat

The R2 Deskmat adds a unique character to your man’s workspace in a sexy, sustainable way. Made from post consumer recycled rubber, it’s as eco friendly as it is durable and is the perfect gift for any man who is still working from home.


local art print

Home stadium art 

If your man loves a certain sports team (go Chiefs!) an art print is a great gift. It’s versatile, thoughtful and extremely easy to personalize. Whether they put it in their office or in their man cave, your loved one will find many uses from this eco friendly gift. 

Sustainable gifts for her


Robes are one of those things that many women won’t splurge on for themselves, but when they have it they’ll never want to take it off. So give her a gift she’ll absolutely adore with this super silky and comfy bamboo robe.


handmade gold drop earrings


These handmade earrings are made with recycled 14k gold and offer a beautiful simplicity that won’t take away from your woman’s natural beauty. Plus, 20% of profits go to Together Women Rise, an organization dedicated to transforming lives and ending poverty among women and girls in the developing world.


handmade serving board

Mugavu Serving Board & Soapstone Holder

Featuring 100% fair trade, artisan, and eco-friendly goods, August Sage makes it easy to curate a sustainable home. Each board is individually crafted from start to finish by a group of woodworkers in a fair trade environment in Kampala, Uganda. Your purchase invests in fair trade practices, local communities, and your own kitchen. 



Everyone loves a candle, especially one that’s ethically made. These soy candles are hand-poured into recycled glass using domestically grown soy wax. All scents offer natural chemical-free oils with no additives or dyes. And, they smell amazing too.


handmade incense holder

Incense Holder 

Is your woman more of an incense person? This beautiful incense holder is hand thrown by artisans across the globe. Each piece varies in style and color to provide a final result as beautiful and unique as your loved one.


women's clutch

ABLE Clutch 

ABLE is an ethical fashion brand that employs and empowers women as a solution to end poverty. This beautiful clutch offers immense versatility and a unique style made from 100% genuine Apalusa leather.

Sustainable gift ideas for kids

sustainable crayons for kids

Eco-friendly crayons

Let your child explore his or her imagination with purpose! These crayons are 100% handmade soy and beeswax crayons made in the USA. They’re made using non-toxic ingredients that make for softer, blendable crayons. And does it get any cuter than a bunny?


kids eco friendly wooden blocks

Wooden blocks

Made from all natural tactile wood, these cute wooden blocks are perfect for open-ended and unplugged sensory playtime. They’re painted with non-toxic, zero-VOC acrylic paints with an eggshell finish and are as beautiful as they are functional.


kid at zoo for experiences as gifts


We love giving the gift of an experience to a child, especially because many kids have too many toys and things already. Some of our favorite ideas include a zoo membership, a trip to the art museum or an arts and crafts activity.


green terrarium kit for kids

Plant kits

Back to the Roots is America’s #1 organic gardening company, offering an organic terrarium kit for children. Kids can build and decorate their own edible terrarium in a sustainable, reusable planter using certified organic micro-green seeds. Each set also comes with its own Discovery Booklet with fun STEM activities your kid will love.


kids book on eco friendly

The Lorax

Every kid loves a good book, and gifting one about sustainability and eco-friendly activities is a great way to teach. The Lorax is a beautiful story about how important environmental preservation and awareness is. For the most sustainable gift idea, find it at your local bookstore or a thrift store.

Other favorite eco-friendly kids books include:

  • Curious George Plants a Tree
  • What Does It Mean to Be Green
  • The Trouble With Dragons


We can't wait to see how you shower your loved ones with sustainable gifts this year and beyond! Let us know if we missed any of your favorites.

November 11, 2021 — Taylor Shuck

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