Staff Picks for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is in just over a week and perhaps you're that last minute gifter :).  Having a hard time finding the perfect gift for your queen of a mama that balances between heart warming, practical, classic and chic?  We have the perfect "gifts that give" ideas that'll make mom smile ear to ear! 

Pam's Picks

Pam the PR director of MADI Apparel and the Director of our non-profit MADI Donations.  She's also a mom!  Founder Hayley's mom to be exact :).  In fact - she's so important that Hayley named "The Pamela" Cheeky Brazilian after her.  Hayley designed the style not really based on what Pam wears necessarily, but the fun, petite, CHEEKY, free feeling of the brazilian cut reminded her of her mom when designing.  Here are Pam's favorite pairs of MADI undie styles (and she prefers to buy them in ivory!):

"The Mimi" Modest Bikini (left) is the perfect style for someone who is obsessed with comfort and likes full coverage in the back but isn't a fan of a high rise brief.  She's our most popular bamboo panty. 

"The Kaydee" Brazilian is our most popular panty of all.  Pam likes it because it's a good combo of fun and flirty but also very comfortable.  The back fits like our Kyle Boyshort - so not ultra cheeky but definitely not full coverage.  This is for the mom who loves comfy lace.  The best thing about this panty is the wide lace laces wonderfully on mama curves.  Skinny laces have the tendency to interrupt our womanly figure, but this wide lace accentuates and moves with the natural curves of our bodies!

^^Here's cutie Pam in front of #MADImobile at Fox4News KC

Laney's Pick:

"My mom loves our bamboo Sleep Tank!  I may have to buy one for her again this year :)." 

^^Perfect pick for women of any age, any size.  The loose fit is very flattering on many body types!

These are Laney's mom's favorite things about the sleep tank:

1.  It's super flowy and breathable.

2.  Still looks and feels brand new even after numerous washes.  The fabric is sooo soft and high quality!

3.  She loves how it's longer than most tanks and longer in back for more coverage.

^^ This top is particularly high rated by pregnant and/or nursing moms!  Pregnant moms love the relaxed, loose fit.  Amazing to bring in her hospital bag for birthing day!  Nursing moms love how you can simply pull the front to the side while keeping everything else in tact.  This tank feels like clouds and gives moms a little piece of heaven during hectic, busy days!

Alesha's Pick:

"My mom also adores the sleep tank!  It's just so comfy.  This year, I'm thinking of getting her a pj set - another bamboo sleep tank (since I know she loves those) and then pairing with sleep shorts since she doesnt have those yet!!"

Hayley's Pick:

"I hope my mom doesn't see this as she, too, has a few words at the top of this article :))!  I think my mom already has one of our bamboo robes, but I'll probably get her another in a different color because they are SOOO COMFY."

Things moms love most about "The Karen" Restful Robe:

  • Perfect for all ages.  This full coverage robe has a little sexy and mostly modest.  It hits just above the knee.  
  • Great for getting ready, drying hair and putting on makeup
  • Self-wicking, super super soft and breezy.  

We hope these help guide you in your gift giving journey for mom!  Make sure to order from us before May 9th to ensure deliver before Mother's Day!!



May 03, 2018 — Hayley Besheer

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