Requests for underwear donations are HIGH! Here's how you can help.

We need your help to fulfill urgent underwear requests!

Hey guys!

Founder Hayley here. I'm reaching out for your help, as we're currently receiving more requests for new underwear donations than we ever have before in our almost six years in business.

I'm sure you can expect WHY. But, I'll spell it out below.

The coronavirus has led to a spike in homeless populations in cities all over the US. The homeless populations are coming out right now in larger than ever numbers to organizations that provide resources for homeless individuals and very low-income families. This spike has lead to an increased need for basic necessities like food, shelter and clothing. Underwear tops the most urgent needs list for clothing donations right now and always across the US. Why? Because it's the only item of clothing that cannot be donated used, so it's often forgotten. I founded MADI Apparel in a proactive reaction to this very statistic, to help fulfill this need for women in organizations all over the world.

The devastating effects of COVID19 are leaving over 17 million people without jobs and seeking aid. As Hope Faith mentioned in a recent interview with Fox4News, "With agencies, food kitchens and pantries closing - homeless day centers and night shelters are stepping up to help homeless and low-income families. A lot of people are 'one paycheck away' from homelessness."

This means most of these people do not have extra income for even daily necessities like underwear and sanitary needs (in addition to of course food, water and shelter).

What you may not know: Many individuals and families have received government vouchers for housing, but these individuals and families currently can't use them because many agencies are shut down.

Kansas City shelter reStart has a full shelter on a daily basis - people qualified to move into housing, but because agencies are shut down, they're flocking to emergency shelter. Shelters are overwhelmed, full, and also doing everything in their power to prevent the spread of the virus while guests congregate and sleep in group living quarters. The homeless population is generally vulnerable to coronavirus due to groups living in communal "tent villages" along with weakened immune systems.

How you can help:

As always, for every ethical clothing item you purchase from us, we donate a pair of underwear made in Kansas City to a woman in need - somewhere in the world. Last month, your matching underwear donations went to Nashville tornado relief and young girls rescued from sex trafficking and child marriage in Tanzania.

This month, in response to immediate, urgent requests from homeless relief organizations in our city - we will be donating underwear to Hope Faith, Lazarus Ministries and City Union Mission for every item you purchase.

Our underwear donations are made with and require ZERO elastic in the legs or waistbands - an element that is rare in the world of underwear brands. Our bamboo underwear is also made locally and is long-lasting, fast-drying and odor preventing. These are important qualities for those who need to wash and wear one pair of underwear over and over for weeks or even years.

Want to help even more?

Buy a pack of underwear online and donate directly to one of these organizations. Although we usually don't suggest buying underwear from unethical fast fashion manufacturers that make their products with plastic and unfair wages, we must work together to provide urgent underwear donations NOW to those who need them.

Thanks for your help!

Click here to shop ethical womenswear and ethical menswear to help support these organizations through your purchase.


April 10, 2020 — Hayley Besheer

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