Hey guys, we are so excited to announce the launch of a brand new product in our Spring Summer 2018 Loungewear/Sleepwear Collection: "The Simone" Bamboo Sleep Shorts!  We've nicknamed them cloud shorts because they're so light, soft and comfy that you'll hardly feel them!

3 best things about our new sleep shorts:

1.  They're ECO-FRIENDLY! made from the comfiest, most luxurious viscose from bamboo sustainable fabric.

  • Stretch Knit Viscose from Bamboo: 95% Bamboo 5 % Rayon
  • Fabric = luxuriously soft, organically sustainable, odor resistant and dries super fast!

2.  Wear them to bed as a PJ set (paired with The Sybil Bamboo Sleep Tank) OR wear out on the town as athleisure.

    • What is athleisure??
        • InStyle says: "We’re talking about anything from designer leggings of the Lululemon variety to cashmere sweats to layering pieces to absurdly fancy (and expensive) gym clothes.  Athleisure is bigger than a trend, as evidenced by the people who wear yoga pants anywhere.  The need for everyday comfort, too, plays a role, especially for anyone trying to work fitness into an already overtaxed schedule. Who wants to haul an extra outfit to work?"

3.  Designed to feel like clouds on your bootay.

  • Literally, founder Hayley's number one goal in designing this comfy shorts was this: MAKE THEM NON RESTRICTING.  
  • We don't use elastics in our panties for comfort reasons - this sets us apart.  We did the same thing with these sleep shorts and instead of an elastic band, we made our own drawstrings out of the stretch viscose bamboo fabric the shorts are made of.  So, they'll stay up on your hips at whatever level of tightness you prefer!  The bamboo drawstring is so cute and doesn't tug!
  • If you haven't yet tried our bamboo products, we'd love for you to!  We double dog dare you (yeah we said it) to find another fabric so silky, flowy, soft, long-lasting AND sustainable!  

Sizes: S: 4-6 / M: 6-8, L: 10-12.  More sizes coming soon.

We've been working very hard to launch this product for over a year and can't wait for you to try!!  Please send any feedback here:!

Photos in this post: Naomi Reed Photography

Models in this post: Michelle Gay, Amber Curve, Elyse Hardenburger

March 19, 2018 — Hayley Besheer

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