how to throw a bachelorette slumber party for your girls

There’s nothing better than a good old-fashioned slumber party with a group of your best girlfriends. Add in a marriage to the mix and you have the recipe for an exciting Saturday night.

One of our staff writers, Taylor Shuck, shares her tips for throwing a memorable bachelorette slumber party in Kansas City.

Bachelorette slumber party decorations

First up: Set the perfect stage for your bachelorette slumber party. Using the wonders of online shopping plus a little elbow grease, I decorated our already-amazing Plaza Airbnb to be the perfect backdrop for a bachelorette party sleepover.

I really honed in on rose gold as my slumber party decorations because it fit into my bride’s wedding décor and is just an all-around romantic color. (I mean, just look at how beautiful MADI's hand-dyed blush intimates are!) And since our bachelorette party was in February, it was fitting in the theme of Valentine’s day. 

To top it off, I made my bride a sort of “bridal suite” with some confetti, balloons and strings. It was a fun additional surprise that made the night extra special and made for a great backdrop for photos (especially after playing the lingerie bachelorette party game mentioned below!)

 bachelorette slumber party decorations bridal suite bachelorette party wedding madi apparel

Bachelorette party snacks & drinks

Even though we had reservations at Seasons 52 on the Country Club Plaza for dinner, I wanted to make sure that there were snack and drink options for the guests as we waited and played games.

Staying true to the pink theme, I made the drink-of-the-night a raspberry elderflower martini that was both beautiful and delicious.

I also assembled a charcuterie board using local Kansas City meats and cheeses. Seriously, this is the absolute easiest, crowd-pleasing snack you can feed a group. Just go up to your local deli counter, ask for a few samples and buy your favorites. All you need then is some fruit and bread—and voila: an Instagram-worthy, delicious grub that everyone can enjoy.

Bachelorette slumber party games

Hubby Balderdash

The first game we played was a Balderdash-esque bachelorette party guessing game using answers from the groom. I sent him a list of 12 questions and asked him to fill them out with his answers. Then, I gave all the guests (except for the bride) the same answer sheet I gave him and asked them to answer it like they thought the groom would.

I then read all of the answers—including the groom’s—and asked the bride to guess which one was her future husband’s response. We had a lot of wacky and entertaining answers that made it both hilarious and difficult for the bride to figure out the answer, plus it gave her insight on what her future man really thinks (like his favorite part about her).

Bachelorette party lingerie guessing game

Most guests were strangers before this party, so I wanted to include some type of bachelorette party game that allowed us get-to-know each other while also having fun. So, I had every guest bring a set of lingerie that they thought best described them and then let the bride guess who brought what.

Let’s just say we got to know each other very well through this game.

(If you decide to play this game, check out some of MADI's options! We were featured by theknot as one of the best honeymoon and wedding night lingerie options.)

Movies + face masks

No good slumber party is complete without a good movie. I queued up some of my favorite wedding movies, including Father of the Bride, Wedding Crashers and Bridesmaids, and threw pillows everywhere. I also bought a variety pack of face masks and had more snacks (popcorn and M&m’s) and drinks available for everyone.

We all cuddled up, laughed a lot and enjoyed feeling like we were young again.

PJ gift set for bachelorette slumber party

bridesmaids matching pj sets wedding day lingerie

One of the best parts of a slumber party? You get to wear pajamas all night. To make the event extra special for your crew, buy matching sleepwear sets that they can keep as a fun remembrance of your party. You can choose bamboo sleep shorts, matching bridesmaids robes, or sleep tanks. Whatever you choose can also be reused on the big day; have your bridesmaids wear the pj set or robe as they get ready alongside you.

MADI Apparel’s products are made by women, for women, and are a great addition to any slumber party. Plus, they’re the gifts that keep on giving’ for every item of MADI intimates purchased, MADI donates a pair of underwear to a woman in need.

The morning after your bachelorette party

Don’t forget to grab coffee and breakfast for the next morning! As a yoga teacher in Kansas City, I was scheduled to teach a yoga class at noon and invited all my ladies to come celebrate together at Powerlife Yoga—one final hoorah before we all went our own ways. Other ideas include brunch at a nearby restaurant, a spa morning or a cycling class.

The options are endless when it comes to planning a fun bachelorette slumber party! Make it unique, make it yours and make it memorable with a few of my tips and tricks.

February 26, 2019 — Taylor Shuck

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