Better Together: Sustainable Basics for Men

At Runway to Impact, we announced our newest adventure at MADI Apparel: sustainable basics for men. As part of our Better Together mission, we want to offer all sexes the opportunity to improve their wardrobe and their impact on the environment through ethical basics that make a difference. 

For every item you purchase from our menswear collection, a pair of underwear will be donated to a woman in a domestic violence shelter, rape crisis center, birth clinic, etc. Your purchases employ women to make our products in Kansas City. All products are made from sustainable and ethically sourced fabrics. We can create a much bigger impact when we work together. We're Better Together.

Mark your calendar for early February, 2020 when this collection officially launches.

When you shop at MADI Apparel, you can trust that we have your best interests and the world’s best interests in mind at all times. Our products are made using materials and labor practices that meet the highest quality and ethical standards on the market today. 

Better Together: Unisex ethical basics

We believe that we can make a bigger difference in the world if we do it all together. By expanding to include sustainable mens fashion in our collection, we’re able to make a greater impact and give men a fashion brand they can turn to when it comes to sustainable menswear. 

Better together extends far beyond just men and women—we want it to encompass every sex and identity, offering a greater number of items that help benefit the greater good. Our unisex sustainable clothing options are simple, straightforward, and superior in quality and comfort. 

unisex sustainable fashion

Unisex and men’s sustainable clothing products

We realized there was a need in the fashion industry for a company that targets both men and women for sustainable fashion—and we had the ability to fill that gap.

Beginning in February 2020, we will offer new products like modal and bamboo boxer briefs, men’s fleece organic cotton joggers and hoodies, a bamboo french terry long underwear set, and unisex t-shirts in our sustainable bamboo and modal fabrics that offer superior comfort and support, plus natural self-wicking and odor blocking capabilities.


Classic styles for all types of men.

From staple white t-shirts to comfortable joggers, our classic men's styles are perfect for all types of wardrobes and fashion styles.

Relaxed designs for every occasion.

Our minimalist basics are designed using modal and bamboo fabrics that offer the highest level of comfort, plus odor-wicking capabilities that keep you comfortable everywhere—even if it's just at home.

Superior comfort for men on the go.

Once you wear our menswear, you won't want to wear anything else under or over your clothes. With amazing unmatched comfort and timeless style, you can take our pieces with you wherever you go.

We are also expanding to offer sustainable athleisure wear and cozy basics that provide comfort and mobility wherever you go. Whether you like to stay in and binge Netflix or adventure out into the wild, our ethical basics will get you there in style.

Our menswear line will be available for purchase early February 2020. You can shop our new cozy basics collection today. 

November 06, 2019 — Taylor Shuck

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