BAMOOzled: Five Reasons Why Bamboo is One of the Environment's Best Friends

Bamboo is an eco-friendly alternative fabric that is sustainable in every stage of its life, making it perfect for our staple intimates, comfy sleepwear, and the women we donate underwear to.

Choosing bamboo as the fabric for MADI Apparel took time and consideration. We wanted a fabric that was eco-friendly and sustainable so that it would last not only those who purchase them but also the women we donate to. After much deliberation, we discovered viscose from bamboo.  

What’s so appealing?

After testing hundreds of fabrics, bamboo soared above the rest. After many washes bamboo maintained its quality, whereas others started to pill and wear down. In addition to being the softest fabric we’ve ever felt, bamboo is also fast drying, self wicking, and odor preventing. Our favorite part... IT’S LOW END WASTE!

Don’t get us wrong, no fabric is perfect. Just like cotton and other fabrics, bamboo also uses water and energy to turn the plant into a fiber, during what’s called a cellulose process. What makes bamboo more eco-friendly than the others exists at every other point of its life. From planting to disposing of byproducts, bamboo is super sustainable, benefiting the environment and the people who wear it.

Here are five of the reasons why bamboo is good for the environment and our customers:

1. No pesky pesticides and fertilizers

Pesticides and fertilizers used with cotton can be hazardous and toxic for the surrounding environment. The toxins can runoff into nearby water sources, whereas bamboo roots hold water extremely well and doesn’t require the use of pesticides. In fact, it naturally produces its own resistance to pests and fungi called bamboo-kun. This antimicrobial agent keeps bamboo safe and sound without doing any harm.  

2. Moso Strong

Bamboo is a woody plant that grows quickly in all sorts of climates. It can withstand conditions like drought, flood, and high temperatures. Moso bamboo, the main species of bamboo timber, reaches full height in just eight to ten weeks, and regular harvesting leads to faster regrowth. Bamboo is actually the fastest growing plant IN THE WORLD!!!

3. Eco(nomically)friendly

Growing bamboo is a very effective way of using land in comparison to cotton. With its many uses, ease and speed of growth, and low cost, bamboo is not just eco-friendly, it’s also economically friendly. On average, 66 tons of bamboo is harvested per hectare (about 2.5 acres), because it grows so densely. Cotton, on the other hand, needs more space, yet only yields an unimpressive 2.5 tons of crop per hectare.

4. SLOW Fashion=LOW Waste

At MADI we are all about "slow fashion". We ethically make products that will you last a long time. We have washed and dried original garments for years and haven’t noticed much wear. This is because bamboo fibers are so long lasting. This is the number one quality we care most about. We would rather our customers have a few long lasting pairs of underwear, than drawer full of intimates that will fall apart in a year. It’s it all about quality over quantity... Right ;)

5. BYE-odegradable

Unlike most other fabrics, MADI Apparel’s Bamboo clothing is all biodegradable. When your favorite pair of sleep shorts have reached the end of their life (which might take awhile because bamboo is so sustainable) they can be composted and disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner.



July 10, 2018 — Annie Ikenberry

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