Available NOW: New collection BLUSH (dyed by avocados)


Hey guys, founder+designer Hayley here! 

I'm so proud of our team for the creativity, the grind, the development behind this new collection.  I just want to take a moment to give each of them a shout out for their hard work. 

1.  First, the dye artist.

Thank you, Alyx!  We contracted this Kansas City maker babe for the SECOND time to hand dye a new collection.  Last time was hand dyed indigo, this time - BLUSH.  She literally used pits and skins from REAL AVOCADOS to make the must beautiful neutral, pinky peach shade.

Next, the production team

Thank you to Laura of KC Sewing Co and Miranda of Wheelhouse Manufacturing - two of our contracted women-owned Kansas City cut and sew production teams.  They - and we - believe sewing isn't just a skill, but a true artistry.  All of our garments are made in Kansas City.  Once the fabric hits our door, the design, cut, sew and sometimes dye process is all done in the city we're headquartered.

Our internal social media, marketing, retail team

Thank you to Alesha, Laney, Mary, Lauren, my mom Pam for all you do to promote our brand and cause, for the care you put into treating our clients so well, for working extra hours, for keeping our cause so close to your heart - and letting that be your motivation.


Thank you to Michael Saldivar.  Your incredible heart to do everything in your power to push our cause forward is refreshing!  There aren't many people who match your character.  Thank you for many hours of pro-bono work, all of your creativity, catching our vision 100% and your willingness to continuously collaborate.

Photography and Models

Ali Happer. You, my love, are a wonderful friend and a light in my life.  Thanks for being one of my favorite photographers to work with.  Your photos capture the true intimacy and transparency we work so hard to create.  Sometimes I look at your photos over and over, in such awe. 

Addy Harris and Dieynaba Diop.  Hi pretties!  Thanks for your patience, your willingness to try new things, your "chillness".  I love hanging out with you. Thanks for sharing your beauty (inside and out) with us to showcase our new collection.

It takes a village to create something magical.  And my village is pretty top notch.  Hope you'll enjoy our blush collection.  Hope this gives you some insight into the very detailed details behind this new color.




January 30, 2019 — Hayley Besheer

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