7 Sustainable Gifts for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

If we were to ask each of you individually, "what qualifies a product as eco-friendly?," you'd all have a different answer.  Often, this term is in the eye of the beholder - it can mean many different things to different people. 

As a brand, we believe in:

  • Sourcing long-lasting, low end waste sustainable fabrics
  • Manufacturing in the city we're based to lower our carbon footprint
  • Fair and ethical labor
  • Natural dyes
  • Reusable packaging, etc.

We've come up with a list of some of our very favorite brands — perfect for bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts — broken down in categories based on the type of sustainability. Just for fun, we've given each product an eco-friendly rating, with 10 being the highest.  

Sustainable fabrics

Lotus Scarf - by NOVAA

Sustainability Rating: 10

Why we love it: Co-founders of NOVAA started their collective with an intention to choose and sell brands that manufacture their clothes in sweatshop free factories. They've since evolved into manufacturing a few of their own products - like this scarf - and intend to do more of this as they grow. This ensures accountability in the mindful manufacturing process. We rated this one product a 10 for their intentions - sourcing eco-dyed sustainable bamboo fabric and employing contracted sewers in their headquarters city to sew.

Made of: Eco-dyed, ultra soft viscose from bamboo fabric

Pro tip: If you're getting married in the fall or winter, get these gifts for your babes!  Would be fun to match if you're headed to a brisk destination for your bachelorette party. 


Beach tote - by Reformation

Sustainability Rating: 10

Why we love it: Such an affordable gift that's perfect for lugging around beach gear, groceries, gym wear, etc. Your friends will be able to keep and wear for years to come - and remember you (the bride who gifted it) every time they reach for it. We also love how transparent this brand is about sustainability.

Made of: Organic cotton canvas

Pro tip: Are you and your girl gang headed to a dreamy beach destination bachelorette party? Imagine traveling in style with these super cute bags!


Ethically made + fair labor + sweatshop free

Pocket Squares - by PineApple Squares


Sustainability Rating: 10

Why we love it: This brand is very intentional about sustainability, hence why we love them. They produce all products in the same city we do - Kansas City.  They're providing work for local cut and sew teams while ensuring fair labor and a sweatshop free environment.  They also use sustainable and Eco-dyed fabrics.  Try finding a more ethically-made gift :). 

Made of: Various sustainable, eco-dyed fabrics like bamboo.

Pro tip: This company does small batch production.  You'll find the owner's email on the website.  Since their squares tend to fly off the shelves, you'll need to email him to place an order for your favorites.  Mention MADI Apparel and we have a feeling he'll sneak you a little discount...


Printed Clutch - by The By Grace Foundation

Sustainability Rating: 9

Why we love it: How could you not be obsessed with these printed, colorful clutches?  By Grace sources all printed fabrics in the local community where they employ women.  You must also check out their jewelry, kimonos, etc.  They contract employ women in various parts of the world to produce a different product in their collection.  The clutches, for example, are made by women in Ghana - near where the founder Emily grew up.  So cool! They're affordable, too!

Made of: Various cloths. Only reason for 9/10, as we aren't sure about fabric makeups.  Our favorite part, though, is how they keep carbon footprint low by sourcing all fabrics in the local communities where they employ women.

Pro tip: Products are "first come, first serve".  Once they run out of a fabric, usually they never produce it again.  This all adds to the sustainability factor!  If purchasing multiple items for your bridesmaids, make each friend feel special by picking out a print just for her!   


Long life, low end waste

Dapper Dan's Delightfully Dapper Dop Kitt - by Groovy Guy Gifts

Sustainability Rating: 6

Why we love it: Long-lasting capability and minimalist design. Perfect for the gent who loves a trusty shaving kit.  He'll be able to hold on to this one for years without worrying about it being too trendy.  This minimalist design is giving us staple basic vibes! We are suckers for anything monogrammed...Especially a monogrammed shaving kit.

Made of: 16 oz. wet waxed canvas. Perk = Known for long-lasting capabilities. Downfall = not the friendliest production process.


 Inside the Dome Personalized Decanter - by Groovy Groomsmen Gifts

Sustainability Rating: 7

Why we love it: Who doesn't love a monogram - perfect for turning a gift into something special, personalized and memorable. He'll get to use this glass decanter over and over - resulting in a very long shelf life...this is a very important factor in the world of sustainability! Imagine all of the memories they'll make pouring drinks for friends and family out of this beauty :).

Made of: Glass. Etched monogram


All of the sustainability :)

Bridesmaid robe - by MADI Apparel

...You didn't think we'd forget about us did you? :)

Sustainability Rating: 10

Why we love it: Well, I guess you could say we're biased here. But we've very proud of our intentions to stay sustainable and make a difference in every way possible.  We ethically source all fabrics from factories with great reputations.  Once the sustainable fabrics hit our door, every step - from design to final product - is produced in the city we're headquartered.  This cuts down on our carbon footprint and ensures fair labor and ethical production. We're also able to cut our waste through small batch production. During the fabric cutting process, our local cut and sew teams are able to lay out our patterns in a high yield, efficient process - resulting in less fabric waste!

Made of: 95% viscose from bamboo, 5% spandex. Organic certification.

Pro tip:  Buy two or more of our robes and get a discount! Consider grabbing an ivory one for yourself and black or lavender (or our seasonal color) for your bridesmaids. Save as much as $115 on a bulk purchase of give or more robes! Imagine getting ready on your wedding day feeling ridiculously happy, comfy and remembering that your purchase made a difference in the world.







April 07, 2019 — Hayley Besheer

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