We are thrilled to announce -- that because of charitable contributions from supporters like YOU to our non-profit, MADI Donations -- we are going to be traveling to Haiti in just three short days to donate 300 pairs of underwear and complete our very first international drop-off!!
We will be traveling to Fond Parisien, Haiti. This community and those surrounding it are very remote and poverty-stricken.  In these circumstances, women's needs are unfortunately not high priorities, and menstrual supplies are hard to access, including UNDERWEAR. MADI hopes to change this! We are collaborating with Circle of Health International - an amazing organization that reached out to us a few months ago requesting new underwear for women in their safe birth center. Together we will be distributing 300 pairs of MADI underwear to mothers and young girls in these rural communities. Along with new underwear, these women will be receiving menstrual health education, which is frequently not addressed.
Here are some pictures taken in the birth center and around Fond Parisien to show you some of the women and children in the are we are traveling to!
Stay tuned to hear more about our drop-off and this amazing opportunity to help even more women!


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