Often times when people learn about domestic violence and domestic violence survivors, they ask the question "Why didn't you just leave?"

There are several reasons a woman may not leave an abusive relationship, including, but not limited to:
  • They fear their abuser may become more violent if they attempt to escape.
  • They worry if they do escape, their abuser may find them and stalk them.
  • They fear being a single parent.
  • They worry about having little to no money.
Each woman that experiences domestic violence has her own reason why she didn't leave, Leslie Morgan Steiner shares her story of why she didn't leave and what finally led her to, here at TED.com. She is a strong and empowering survivor who documented her story in her book Crazy Love and has shared her story several other times with many audiences. Her story will bring you to tears and make you look at the women in your life a little more closely. Take the time to check out this amazing survivor's story and maybe learn a little more about domestic violence than you knew before!

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