You heard it, today is the day we celebrate…underwear! The New York intimate apparel company Freshpair founded this unofficial national day on August 5th, 2003 in the spirit of celebrating “unmentionables.”

Now you may ask, why celebrate underwear? No matter what size or shape you are, MADI Apparel strives to provide underwear that gives people comfort and confidence in their own skin. Plus, our donations allow us to partner with so many amazing organizations that need fresh and clean underwear for women in need. And what’s better than that?



From our high-rise retro briefs to our cheeky Brazilians to our wide lace thongs, we have a variety of styles that work for all body types. Shop our one-of-a-kind bamboo collection for a comfortable, elegant, and long-lasting pair of underwear. If you’re feeling extra sexy and confident, try our intimate collection! Our soft and sexy floral lace bands have enough stretch and width to flatter every body type. Want even more? Check out our new ivory collection in store today.



You can tell we care a lot about our underwear, but it doesn’t stop there. Although the average woman owns 21 pairs of underwear, not every woman has access to such luxury. Buy any style, and we donate a pair of our modest MADI briefs to a woman in need. Underwear is the most needed, under-donated article of clothing and tops the “Most Urgent Needs” list at most domestic violence shelters. We are proud to donate to organizations like rape clinics, domestic violence shelters, disaster relief, and homeless shelters to give women across the street and around the world the comfort and confidence you need to love your own skin.

So it’s safe to say that we love underwear and we love donating to women in need in the name of comfort and confidence. Use #NationalUnderwearDay and help support the cause by purchasing your first MADI Apparel panty today! Use the code UNDERWEARNESS to get 21% off all MADI styles for a limited period of time. Help us MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

If you are an organization or an individual who would simply like to make a direct donation of underwear for women in need to a specific organization, please contact us:

August 05, 2015 — Hayley Besheer

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