We're often asked this (very valid) question.

People want to know why our prices are higher than the very popular Victoria's Secret or even Hanes or Jockey brands.  Many of our customers and potential customers have only shopped at discount stores or at Victoria's Secret before hearing about MADI Apparel for a couple reasons - cheap prices, convenience, or perhaps that's the only undergarment brand they're familiar with!  So, with that in mind, right off the bat our shoppers often ask (or silently wonder) why our prices are much steeper than our competitors.  

     Cheap price tag:                  MADI's socially conscious, high quality price tag:


First, we aren't that high :)!  

Hanky Panky for example is a very successful US manufactured undergarment brand - I'm sure most of you've heard of them.  Their prices range on average $27-$38 - for a good reason.  They use high-quality fabrics and they produce right here in the states.  Even when you buy Hanes of Jockey undies not on deep discount, the prices are similar.

Let’s be perfectly clear that we aren't jacking the prices to use as our own pocket change :) - our garments are priced at this point for very good reasons.  Here’s why!

Second, "Cheap" price tags may not cost you much, but it will still COST ANOTHER INDIVIDUAL (you may just not see it first hand)

  • A cheap price tag = cheap labor.  If you're paying close to nothing for a garment, chances are, the person making the garment was paid close to nothing to make it.  
  • Manufacturing abroad in countries like China and Indonesia does not help our economy - in fact, it hurts us.  Thousands of cut and sew production workers in the US have lost their jobs over the last few decades as clothing companies have moved their manufacturing jobs abroad for cheaper production.
  • By working with a cut and sew manufacturing team literally in the same city as our headquarters, we are able to oversee and ensure that workers making our undies are paid a fair wage, that environmental standards are met and that child labor and abusive labor is eliminated.

Third, MADI Apparel undies are not your typical "disposable" undergarments

  • I used to always be the "buy cheap underwear" person.  The cheap price tag attracted me.  HOWEVER, after years of finding a hole or holes in my underwear after only a few months of wear - I was fed up.  I'd find a style that I fell in love with, and after finding holes from the wash or other wear and tear, I'd go back to the store to re-purchase.  I could never find that style again - and it drove me nuts!
  • I've been putting a few of our original prototypes from 2012 in almost every wash and dry cycle and have experienced UNDERWEAR MAGIC!  I swear to you, no more holes, hardly any wear!  Why?  Because we experimented with hundreds of fabrics until we found viscose from organic bamboo.  
  • Our underwear is fast drying, odor-preventing, anti-bacterial, self-wicking.  We don't use elastics - preventing pinching or muffin tops.  It's literally the comfiest, most durable underwear you will ever own, I promise!

Fourth, PERHAPS THE MOST IMPORTANT - Your purchase includes two pairs!

As always: For every pair of underwear you buy, a pair is a donated to a woman in need.  

And therefore - your purchase includes not only the most comfortable, longest-lasting pair of underwear you'll even own :), but at the same time you are gifting a pair to a woman in a domestic violence shelter, rape clinic, disaster relief, etc.  You don't have to do a thing - simply buy a pair for yourself and we will do the donating for you :) - it's as easy as that!

So, why don’t we just make cheap underwear for the donation pairs to hold down our overall cost?  That’s defeating the whole mission of MADI Apparel.  Our underwear were designed specifically for women in need.  As one of our partners said in a very kind letter of recommendation for MADI, “ Being able to provide abuse survivors with quality underwear that is as confortable as it is stylish speaks to the survivor’s send of self-worth and creates a confidence unmatched by other personal care items.  For those we serve, a pair of MADI Apparel undies is more than just underwear, it’s dignity.”

Distributing YOUR DONATIONS to our partnered organizations:


Don't forget, cheap price point = compromising all levels of comfort, durability, labor in a negative way

One of our biggest goals as a brand is to stay socially and environmentally conscious by researching and educating on how low price points can have an affect on:

-The individuals making your clothes (as many companies overlook poor cut and sew production, unsafe and long hours of labor, etc).

-Quality of fabric.  Cheap price tag = cheap fabric 

ADDED BONUS:  Purchasing MADI undies means our customers are empowered to help women across the street and around the world.

Our brand focuses on three key words: SIMPLE, ELEGANT, POWERFUL

We can't feel great about our products if we don't attempt to achieve greatness in every aspect from production to customer comfort!  That's why we've made the most comfortable "buy one give one" undies we hope you'll ever wear!  

We are happy to clear the air and answer any additional questions that might come up!  Just email us: madiapparel@gmail.com

xo, Hayley - founder of MADI

June 08, 2015 — Hayley Besheer

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